Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday Tastes: Il Cioccolato

Oh my goodness, you might need to buy a plane ticket just to come to this fabulous chocolate shop. A modern, beautiful shop that is family owned and creates the most heavenly chocolate you've ever tasted. Their work is too gorgeous to eat (my picture does not do it justice) -- they make these fabulous replicas of the Este castle (the castle in the center of our town) in solid chocolate and sell them for only 7 Euros. Their hot chocolate is so thick and ooey gooey that it has to be eaten with a spoon.

When I was there last night I ended up talking to another customer for a long time. Clearly, he was as enamored with the little shop as I am. In broken English mixed with Italian, he talked about Italy and how the Italian's truly enjoy things. Quality over quantity really. He showed me his favorite thing in the store which was a jar of chocoate mixed with pumpkin (yes pumpkin) that you spoon into these tiny little cups made of dark chocolate that were even smaller than a minuture Reeses peanutbutter cup. He explained that after a meal you just enjoy one of two and savor each tiny bite.

Hmmm. . . this sounds much better than polishing off half a bag of Oreos in one sitting (which I may or may not have done before)

While we are talking about yummy things, check out these fabulous cupcakes my friend made. They taste as good as they look (They are for a party tonight but I might have secretly eaten one this morning.) She makes THE most A-mazing cakes EVER. She is completely self-taught-- has never taken a cake class. Check out the pics on her website for some entertainment. She's done cakes in the shape of everything from a bra to a wine bottle.


  1. Papa Bob's chocolate Este castle sits on a bookshelf in our house -- from his stocking to a bookshelf. I can't bear to let him eat it!
    Pumpkin in any and every form must be the marvel of Ferrera. I loved the pumpkin stuffed ravioli.

  2. Yum! Reminds me of the movie 'Chocolat'!