Thursday, February 25, 2010

North vs. South

As I am packing a suitcase, I am thinking of our last trip which was to Rome. I am always amazed at how regional Italy is. The language changes a bit from region to region and even the food changes drastically just 30 kilometers away. More about that later because what I noticed the most was the change in fashion (of course I did).

It is almost like the difference between New York and LA. In northern Italy, people are super chic wearing mostly blacks and grays. As I walk down the street here, I see some of the most fashionable people I've seen in my life. They look like an "after" of a before and after make-over or perhaps like someone who stepped off a fashion shoot, but it is a toned down almost hard-edged look. I have actually always prefered this look so it worked out perfectly that we ended up here. Not sure if I would blend as well in Rome because southern Italy is a totally different story. Even in January, this was obvious. The southern Italians are just as fashionable but it is a completely different type of fashion. Colors are everywhere, combined with tans, big jewelry and lots of glitz.

We are packing for Barcellona. . . stay tuned for what they are wearing in Spain!

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