Friday, February 5, 2010

To Market, To Market

So what if it is raining. So what that my two year old is acting like a two year old. These things can't ruin wandering our Friday market and meeting a friend for cappuccino next to a 12th century cathedral. They just can't.

Our market is not as quaint as the French markets but I still love the busy streets of market day. Just a few blocks from my house, the city center is filled with merchants. There are a couple flower stalls, a couple fruit stands but most of it is clothes and even underwear. (It took me a while to get used to seeing the Italian women trying bras on over their clothes right there in the square.)

There are some greats finds though. Today I bought a perfect Italian black scarf that will work now and into spring. Also found a gorgeous wrap belt in the softest butter leather. This one is a gift. I already have one and wear it all the time. Are people wearing these in the States? They are about 9 feet long and wrap around and around then tie in the front. Super cute even with just a black turtleneck.


  1. OK, Lauren! You have officially established your niche photography trademark - every picture from now on MUST have a bicycle in it somewhere! I just love it! There's even a reflection of one in the storefront window where you're showing the mannequin with the belt!!!

    Ok, so, is that the belt you own and the one you bought for a gift? I really like it...I think I'm too short to pull off such a look, though, but who knows! We want to see YOU in your Italian styles, though, right, Cindy (Cindy, agree with me)? We want to see a pic of you in your belt AND your boots you bought a couple weeks ago!

  2. Crystal, I second that. Lauren, stand in front of a mirror or get Matt to take a picture -- or even Braxton can be the photographer. Maybe you could even hold a lily!


  3. Ha Ha -- Yes I agree!! We need to see YOU in all these gorgeous Italian fashions! So loving (and can't help but be slightly envious of) all your daily musings. I had the craziest dream last night that I was with you in Italy (or it could've been Aix) and we were wandering around town having a great time. Maybe maybe maybe... we'll see!!!

  4. But I'm not the stylish Italian. I'm just trying to be :-)

  5. You could do a side-by-side, first the Italian fashion, then your version!!! We'll let you know if you're pulling it off! (We already know you are!)