Sunday, February 14, 2010

Night and Day

After several days in Aviano eating Burger King, Taco Bell (twice, not the best choice), Chinese Super Buffet, and even Popeye's chicken, we may have over done it. We got home last night and this morning we walked a couple blocks to the city center and found a fresh food market. (That is the great thing about our city, there is always something going on when we want to get out of the house.) As we walked along the lovely market, sipping vin brule (hot mulled wine) and buying organic veggies, salami and cheeses, my husband started laughing, then said "big difference from Burger King." Good to be home.
I can't believe I've become someone who takes picture of my food. My lunch-- a nice change from a Number 1 with a diet coke.

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