Monday, February 8, 2010

Lunedi Lovelies

On my way from school to my favorite bar (cafe) for cappuccino I walk through this piazza. The statue in the middle is Ludovico Ariosto, an important Italian poet. It is several hundred years old, made of marble and really beautiful. Although in the States something like this would be in a museum, here it is just out in the open and children climb all over it.

One weekend in May, the piazza is home to The Palio of Ferrara, a horse and donkey race that was made official in 1279. Twelve hundred and seventy-nine! It is considered the oldest prize in the world.

Still amazing to me that I take my kids to play and ride bikes in a piazza that is hundreds of years old and full of history.


  1. How pretty this piazza was the morning we walked past after Jack Frost visited the night before. Each blade of grass was coated in white and was sparkling in the sun.