Monday, June 14, 2010

What They're Wearing. . .

I occasionally like to give an update on what the Italians are wearing. Usually, the styles hit here then make it to the States a few months later so here's your heads up to be ahead of the crowd.

The colors this season are white, khaki and olive. Wear them together-- the look is fresh and clean and summery. The new pant shape is loose and flowy-- almost like MC Hammer in the 80s. Italians don't wear a lot of shorts but the few shorts I've seen are loose with pleats. White jeans and white pants are everywhere.

Another big trend is sheer tops. The Italians wear them with just a bra. Not sure if that will ever make it to the States but summer is so hot here, I think I'll end up wearing it.

Despite the heat, I'm still seeing heavy jewelry. Chain necklaces, etc. are still big and pearls (lots and lots of pearls) are really hot this season.

Jeans are mostly still skinny or straight leg but I occasionally see bootcut.

I found this website when planning my trip to Paris last fall. It is a perfect insight into European style. It changes each season and both seasons I've read have been exactly what people are wearing here Check it out to see more pictures.

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