Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prosciutto e Melone

Too hot to cook? It is here. This is one of my Italian summer favorites. Simple, refreshing, light and perfect with a glass of Prosecco. Simply slice a canteloupe and drape with paper thin slices of prosciutto crudo. Here prosciutto is sold everywhere (a prosciutto sandwich is common even at gas stations) but in the States, I'm guessing you would find it at a specialty grocery store like Whole Foods. Buon appetito!

(top image from wikipedia)


  1. Sounds wonderful to me - sweet & savory!

  2. This was the very first thing my French host family served when we arrived at the house and I remember thinking "what on earth is this?" (at age 20) but it was so refreshing after the long flight and perfect for summer!! I can usually find proscuitto here at Walmart so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it when you return. Enjoy!!

  3. Wonder if Jan has tried her pink Prosecco yet?