Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Through the eyes of a child

We spent yesterday in Milan.  When we went in the magnificent gothic cathedral, my six year old was awestruck by a particular piece.  He asked for a pen and paper then sat and sketched it for THIRTY MINUTES.  He would have stayed longer but they closed and asked us to leave.  He was completely captivated, like he was watching tv or a movie, and yet this was art.


  1. Your post has completely taken my breath away -- not only from the appreciation of beautiful art from a six year old, but also from the beauty of this cathedral. How grand! Is the art in the chancel? In the video there appears to be a separation between the nave and the art -- is that what they call a rood screen? How appropriate that Il Divo was playing on the Ipod as I read this.
    Thirty minutes is remarkable.
    You have made my day!

  2. Unreal - the experience you are providing your boys is spectacular! Be sure to save the sketch.