Thursday, November 4, 2010

How was your Halloween?

With only a few Americans in this city, we tend to overcompensate on American holidays like Halloween.  We always have a big Halloween party and this year we got talked into having it at our house because all our friends think our house is the scariest.

It is 500 years old and used to be a palace. I really have no idea what they are talking about, do you?

doesn't everyone have iron spikes on their front door?

and is anything strange about walking through this 300 year old doorway to get to the garden?

ancient marble stairs leading to a original fresco

and doesn't everyone pick up their mail in a place that looks like this?

and when you lie in bed at night, who doesn't love looking at faces painted on the ceiling in the 1700's

Oh I joke.  I absolutely love everything about this house.  The history the architecture and especially the frescoes.  I was only scared one time.  It was before our furniture arrived so the house was empty and I was alone.  I had all the windows open and it started storming outside with huge gusts of wind.  The wind of course blew through the house and started opening and closing all the french doors. 

We have seven sets of french doors so that is 14 doors opening and closing by themselves.  I knew it was the wind.  I could feel the wind but still I ran around and closed all the windows so the doors would stop moving.  That's the only time.  Now, this is truly home and we would stay forever if we could.  The mouldings, the ceiling height, and the frescoes actually make it easy to decorate.  Somehow all of our things even look better here than they did in our house in the States.  (Oh, and I might have taken these pictures at angles that make it look extra spooky.)

So for Halloween, we moved most of the furniture out and covered what was left with sheets and cobwebs to make it look like an spooky old house where no one lived.  The art on the walls was crooked and I covered fresh flowers with spiders.  It was lit only with candlelight and I think it was spooky enough.  I would post a picture but the pictures really didn't capture the atmosphere because everyone used a flash and that made it look like broad daylight. 

On another note, I am stuck at home this week while we are having a new heater installed.  That's why I'm able to post something new everyday.  I think they are finishing today then I'll be back enjoying Italy and posting occasionally.  Ciao ciao!


  1. You do such a great job of entertaining!

  2. So glad you are enjoying every bit of your time in Italy! I love all lyour postings and pictures. Keep it up!

  3. I bet your house was the perfect place for a spooky party and I know you loved hosting everybody! Can you find good ol' American candy over there for the kids' trick-or-treat bags?

  4. I remember climbing those marble stairs with your hubby and mine -- to see the third floor of your building which has not been touched since WWII. I was lagging behind because I was being careful where I stepped, admiring the marble and frescoes and watching out for real cobwebs. I lost sight of the men and knew they must already be on the third floor. Suddenly I heard a WHOOSH and FLUTTERS! Hundreds or maybe thousands :>) of pigeons descended -- flying down the stairway right above and around me as they tried to find a way outside and away from the men who had opened a door into the room where they were roosting. I screamed and RAN back down that staircase and into your iron-spiked front door. Yes, it can be spooky.