Saturday, November 6, 2010

Con Mio Amore

I am taking full advantage of having kids in school.  It is nice to have tempo libero (free time) for the first time in six years.

Had a wonderful lunch date with my husband last week.  He asked me way in advance (completely not like him) and I forgot (completely not like me).  He reminded me the night before so I quickly changed my plans.  Actually, he was happy I forgot.  He says now the score of forgetting things in our marriage is now 147 (Matt) to 1 (me).  I guess I can forget 146 more times.  I wore a short skirt and high heels to make up for it.  Whatever.

So I drove out through the vineyards and orchards to the small town where he works and we went to one of his favorite restaurants out there. This is a regular place for the people Matt works with and it is quite normal to have a three course lunch with wine in the middle of the workday. Don't you love the European way?

first course

 second course
 third course
 Yes.  I actually ate all that

We're thinking next on the list is a day trip to Bologna senza bambini

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  1. Lauren... what a gorgeous and inspiring blog! You seem terrific. How fun to read....
    Keri (nathan) Stern