Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Check back in a week. . .

Really, I haven't given up on this blog. I am still enjoying writing it and recording Italian life, but it has been a busy month.

The children started school (which means meetings, uniforms, haircuts, friends' birthday parties etc.)

My friends are back in town (which means hours lingering over cappuccino, just one glass of wine that keeps turning into 2 hour dinners, evenings out, work events, and of course shopping)

We had three birthdays just in our family (which means a party for 14 children at our house, a night out, and four days of eating cake and opening presents)

A good friend, my husband's college roommate, came in town (which means more long lunches, a day trip to Venice, and a long weekend home alone with the kids while my husband traveled Italy with his friend)

And, last, I've been in the States for my grandfather's funeral. He lived an amazing life that honored God and will be greatly missed.

I need a few days to catch up... check back in a week or so.


  1. Thanks for the update - I knew you had had a busy time. Thoughts & prayers have been with you! The more I have learned about your grandfather makes me realize how much I missed by not knowing him in person! He lives on through all of you!

  2. I have missed you!! I hope you all had great birthdays last month with wonderful cake. So sorry to hear about your grandfather and the unexpected trip to the States. I'm always "checking in", so keep the blog going when you get all caught up!!