Friday, October 15, 2010

Cantare della Vita (To sing of life)

A lovely Italian song...

Baciami Ancora (Kiss me Again)

The first line is perfect. "Un bellissimo spreco di tempo" (A beautiful waste of time)

And the rest are great too... the little things that make up life here. I'll translate a few just because I'm excited that my Italian is finally good enough that I can.

"nei parchi del centro l’estate profuma." (the parks of the city, the perfume of summer)

Una mamma, un amante, una figlia (the mother, the beloved, the daughter)

"Una bimba che danza" (A child dancing)

"una strada, un lavoro, una scuola" (a street, a work, a school)

"Un errore perfetto" (a perfect mistake)

And now I'm off to find un bellissimo spreco di tempo. Shouldn't be too difficult, I've been perfecting that art for a over a year now ;)


  1. Even if the words are not understood, the melody is beautiful and stays in the head.

    I love the video. Thanks for sharing this song with us. The italiani perfetto - to be so carefree, to enjoy family and friends, to have unconcern for the trivial -- this is the Italy that I see as a simple observer.