Sunday, September 5, 2010

Italian Antiques

A happy, happy morning at the Italian antiques market. I always look forward to the first weekend of every month when the piazza fills with vintage and antique dealers. There are fabulous finds to browse and buy... from art to jewelry to furniture, and everything in between. My friend went home with the most gorgeous silver bracelet made of antique Italian coins. She says it will be her Christmas present but I don't know how she will be able to wait 3 months to wear it. I'm pretty sure I'd be sneaking it out of its wrapping and wearing it now.

After much thought and a little bargaining, I went home with two antique Italian side tables that I will use next to our bed. We've never had proper nightstands and I'm now glad I waited for the perfect thing.

My bargaining was so good, my husband thought I really didn't want them, even though I had called him to meet me at the market (and bring Euros!) because I found the perfect thing. I was acting like I just wasn't sure and it wasn't exactly what I wanted to get a better price and Matt kept saying "Seriously, do not buy this if you don't want it. Let's keep looking. Why are we even discussing this and why am I here if you don't even like it???" When in reality it was exactly what I wanted. I'm pretty proud of my poker face if even my husband was fooled. Ha!

My tables below

I loved, loved, loved this piece but sadly it was a few inches too tall for next to the bed. Sigh.

these are now happily living in our house

I love the detail on the top. The two tables are similar but the details are different. You can tell they are made by hand and they have a story. To me the buying process is half the fun. Ugg, this could be an expensive new hobby.

When I got them in our house and on each side of the bed, one is much taller than the other. I was so confused because I measured carefully. Turns out, it is the floor on one side of the room that is an inch taller than the other side! That's what you get with a 500 year old house.


  1. These tables look very, very similar to a couple of tables that Kay Lynn picked up that she has in her living room. I love them!

  2. Bella tabelle con una storia porterĂ  i sogni felici! Mi piace il tuo trovare!