Tuesday, August 17, 2010

La Posta

Even after living here a year, some things still seem strange. Everyday normal things are still different. Like paying the elecricity bill.

It has to be paid in person,

in cash (and electricity is crazy expensive here),

at the post office.

You read that right. At the post office.

As if it isn't strange enough to walk to the post office carrying hundreds of dollars of cash, last week I walked in and saw this.

I like cats but can you ever imagine a pet cat at a government office in America? Ever? In a cute little boutique, maybe. Or perhaps a sleepy antique store. But at the post office?

When we walked in, the boys said "look Mommy! un gatto!" I thought how funny, there can't be a cat here. I wonder why they both chose to practice the Italian word for cat right now. And of course, there was a cat.

"Um scusi, can you move il gatto so I can get a postal form?"

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