Monday, August 30, 2010


What the Italian mommies are wearing. . .

That's jeans and a t-shirt and some great shoes and she looks fabulous. Don't you love that effortless Italian style?


  1. Yes, I love the style, but the shoes appear to be a problem for here. Look closely and you will notice that her foot is slightly off-center and I can't imagine walking on bricks with them. Of course, this comment is being made by someone who had to stop wearing any shoes with more than a 1 1/2 to 2 inch heal before she was 30 because of two spinal fusion surgeries. I can guarantee you that the spinal doctors have made a fortune because of spike and super high heeled shoes. They look fantastic, but are not good for body alignment. Yes - this was written by an old-fashioned grandmother type - ha!

  2. Misspelled a couple of words above - especially the here that should have been her. Sorry about that - blame it on my migraine drug I have been taking all day today!

  3. another grandmotherly type says "I like the lady in the leggings and the good-looking flat sandles -- but how on earth is she standing tight-fitting leggings in 90+ degree weather?"