Saturday, May 15, 2010

Il Festival!

It is beginning to be festival season in Ferrara. In summer there is always something going on... from music festivals to medieval festivals to hot air balloon festivals just about every weekend in summer is filled with great things to do. It might be sweltering in August, but we're having fun. Perhaps it is because most people do not have air conditioning and spend the summers outside. Who knows, but it is a blast.

Last night was just the beginning of the season... a Brazilian festival. Brazilian music, food, and drinks. Once again the venue was so surreal to me. We were in the courtyard of a 15th century (or older) church. I'm pretty sure as they were laying bricks by hand 600 years ago, they were not intending it to be filled with people drinking mojitos. Oh well, I did appreciate the building's beauty while sipping my mojito. Olá!

I took the picture above while waiting in line for the bathroom. I only wish the bathrooms were as pretty.

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  1. The social police may get you. You are having WAY too much fun!