Monday, May 3, 2010


Despite less than stellar weather, our American BBQ turned out great. The rain stopped a few hours before and everyone had a good time although it was a bit surreal to grill burgers in our 16th century garden. Matt wore boots and even snuck a few country songs onto the playlist. As close as we can get to Texas for now. The last guests left at 2:00 so I guess the country was a hit. Hee hee.
We told everyone to just bring themselves, but of course they brought things which is so interesting with so many different cultures. We had amazing salami from Spain, a fabulous endive salad from Belgium, lots of good American food, amazing Italian wine, and the best tiramisu I've had it Italy (made by my American friend).
I was too busy having fun to remember to take pictures. . . ci sono solo un po


  1. Fun time! I can tell you enjoy hosting events!

  2. How nice that you didn't mention the ultra-smoke experience.