Thursday, April 8, 2010


After a long, dark winter spring is finally here. It is in the 60's but the Italians are still wearing fur and looking fabulous. Looks like I'll get to wear boots for at least another month. Seems that is what they do here.

Today was a fabulous spring morning. I met friends for cappucino then walked a few blocks to the art exhibit at the Diamond Palace. It was quite contemporary but I still enjoyed it. My favorite by far was Le Buisson by Matisse

The abstract art was fun with my two year old. He said he one painting was a racecar, another was a shark, a motorcylce and some water. Isn't that the point. . . that everyone see something different?

Then it was on to the park for play and a lunch of pizza and wine at an outdoor cafe in the park. On the way home we stopped at our regular fruit store, chatted with the owners about the great weather and bought some lovely pears to cook with dinner tonight. (Only 1 Euro for 6 pears! Asparagus is still 11 Euros per kilo-- like eating gold.)


  1. I had sauteed asparagus last night at "Old Venice." They killed it with so many spices. How can you mess up asparagus? Chef, leave it alone, and let its flavor be delectable.

    Have you made marsala pears recently?

  2. Where are your recent posts? We are going through withdrawal -- and it is not fun.

  3. My sister loves Matisse! I wish we had time to check it out when we were there. :-(