Monday, April 12, 2010


Bologna is a gorgeous city-- who knew! Having only been to the airport and Ikea in Bologna, we did not have great expectations but we were wrong. The city center is beautiful (and filled with designer shops). Most of the sidewalks are covered, which is pretty and would also make it a great stop in summer. Since it is only 30 miles away we will go back often. Perhaps a girls shopping trip. . .


  1. Spring has arrived -- look at those pink tree blooms! Love the pictures with people in them for a perspective of how tall those ceilings are.

  2. I was just thinking of Braxton and his turning 6 & hoping that he remembers all of the great places you are seeing and experiencing! The pictures you take will assist in keeping his memory of these times. Will may remember some, but nearly as much as Braxton. Have fun with your boys!
    Again, thanks to you & to Matt for writing the blogs. Even when I have been at the computer all day at work, I always check to see if you have written anything that day!
    Love ya, rlh