Monday, January 18, 2010

What They're Wearing

Here most stores are made for window shopping. You generally do not go in unless you intend to buy. Prices are displayed in the window and the outfits are put together from head to toe so you know exactly how it should be worn. I'm wondering if this might be why Italians are so stylish? It certainly makes shopping easier.
Looks I'm seeing now. . . lots of leggings (even leather leggings are big for all ages), lots of layers, tall boots that can be worn slouched down or pulled high like in window above (just take your regular leather or suede boots and push them down), fur vests are everywhere, short skirts (haven't tried this yet), sweater dresses over tights or leggings, and of course skinny jeans.

1 comment:

  1. Not many people dressing italiano style on the MS State University campus. Not many skinny jeans. Do you think it will hit a year late and everyone will say, "I remember an old lady on campus last year that wore these a year early."