Friday, April 8, 2011

Buon Compleano Italia!

Last month we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Italy being a united country.  Strange that it is so old and has only been united for 150 years, isn't it?  This day is not celebrated here every year like the Fourth of July in the States.  This was the first year it was recognized and in typical Italy fashion, the government declared it a national holiday just a few weeks before the actual day.

As far as I could tell, there were no organized events but perhaps I missed it.  Yet still everyone piled into the city center with flags and signs of patriotism everywhere. 

The best I saw was this gorgeous lady who was at least 60 years old.  She was dressed from head to toe in Italy's colors- red, green, and white- but she wasn't dressed like Americans dress for patriotism.  No oversized flag t-shirt for her.  No, she looked fabulous wearing a fitted red leather jacket, perfectly starched white button down, green pencil skirt, fishnet hose and four inch red stilettos.  Only in Italy.

Even the dogs were dressed for the occasion

Apartments, all flying flags

Flags out of every window in the castle


  1. Love your posts, as usual. I always am a bit concerned when I don't hear from you for a while. This time 3 weeks! Surely you have nothing more important than sharing your life and communicating with our readership :->

  2. Lauren, I LOVE this! (of course, because I am vicariously living through your fabulous life and adventures in Italy.) I didn't know you had this blog! I actually have one too, that's kind of random and a different format, but it seems that our "theme" is very similar.
    It's if you want to check it out! Keep having a blast, and sharing it with us!