Monday, March 7, 2011

Giorno Mio (My Day)

Sorry I've been missing for so long.  Things have been rather regular around here with nothing new to blog about.  After a year and a half here, Italy seems like just normal life.  (Although a great life!)

Here's a day in the life...

8:30:  take kids to school on the bike.  We are late because it is Monday and we couldn't get it together in time.  Luckily, this is Italy and there is no school bell that rings.  When we show up (10 minutes after school starts) I realize everyone else is late too.  Whew.

8:45:  cappuccino and brioshe at my favorite bar (cafe).

9:30: walking and browsing Monday market (outdoor market with vendors selling everything from underwear to fresh vegetables to vintage furs... seriously.)  I bought 2 huge ceramic vases (perhaps for umbrellas) and a huge ceramic pedestal bowl.  Then I realized I couldn't get home with them.  Left them at the vendor and decided to try to bring the car back.

11:00: stop by my favorite antique dealer's store on the way home.  We get a sneak peek at his new location.  He just locks up his store and we walk down the street to check out his new store.  We say something about how his house must be beautiful with all these antiques.  He tells us that in his house he has only art deco furnishings.  Everyone in Italy (even antique restorers) love the modern things.  I can't imagine it, but I guess they are tired of all the old.

11:30:  I squeeze the car out of the parking lot and head back to the market.  We can't get anywhere near my vases.  Cars are prohibited because of the market and polizia are blocking the street.  We end up pleading (and smiling a lot) with one of the police and he lets us through.  I have learned that in Italy, everything is negotiable.  We park kind of close but still have to walk a several blocks carrying these really, really heavy ceramics.  No wonder they were a good deal.

12:30  Back at home to catch up on the mundane things of life.  This afternoon is a meeting in school, mostly in Italian.  It should be great practice for my Italian, but honestly, after 20 minutes of listening I get a headache.  I don't know how my children do it all day long.


  1. So glad you are back. Even mundane to you sounds exciting to me -- always a puzzle with a different language and different way of thinking and living. Keep writing more and more.

  2. Yes, I have missed your posts! Your ordinary daily routine is OUT of the ordinary for us. Love your buying the huge ceramics and then having to get them back to your house.

    I agree with Nancy, KEEP WRITING, please!

  3. Life in the US will seem so "foreign" to you when you return.
    Keep the blog going - lots of us appreciate and enjoy it!

  4. Would love to live in Italy some time. I visited there once while studying abroad in Spain and didn't want to leave....



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