Friday, January 7, 2011

Sono Qui

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post.  It has been a wonderful, but very busy month.  December is absolutely lovely in this city and I spent most of the last month just enjoying it instead of writing about it.  The city is busy and bustling with everyone out bundled in their furs doing their Christmas shopping.  Seriously, it is like living the Christmas song "Silver Bells".  Right down to the bells in the bell towers ringing while strolling the outdoor Christmas market.

We've had family in town and enjoyed cooking big meals and talking over wine, shopping, a trip to Venice, a trip to Verona, a night out with an eight course dinner... I've been to Sorrento, the Almafi Coast, Naples, and Pompei.  So much to write about but first I must catch up on the mundane things I've been ignoring.  Like two weeks worth of laundry to plow through one 2 hour load at a time.  Stay tuned.  I might be finished by February :)


  1. So glad you've returned. I await your postings after you get caught up on your laundry!

  2. Sorry to leave you with all that laundry, but I am doing the same in America! Here, the wash cycle is not as long, but when you get sidetracked and forget that you are doing laundry, it is still a long process.

  3. how's the laundry coming? waiting for a post.